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Good Reasons to Get a Leather Dog Harness or Collar

If you’ve been on the market looking for a new dog harness for your pet you’ve probably quickly realized how many different options there are. That is why Julius-K9 is a leading provider of the personalized dog harness in the US is here to give you a little more information on why a leather dog harness is the right choice for you and your pet. Keep reading to find out the advantages of going with the leather!

Why Should You Be Using a Leather Dog Harness?

When it comes to your furry children, it is no secret that most pet owners go above and beyond for their pets. That is why a personalized dog harness is such a popular item in online and in-person stores! Another harness that is extremely popular and highly recommended for a number of reasons by pet care professionals is the leather option. There are a number of reasons why this harness could be the right one below. Find out more below!

The first and probably the most obvious reason why you should consider the leather harness is because of how attractive it is. The leather not only makes a statement, but it provides a classic look. It also comes in a variety of different colors as well as a number of special features including spike and bells, this way you are able to showcase your personal style through your dog’s harness. In addition to the appealing look, other fabrics like nylon can easily become dirty and quickly begin to fade over time. However, the leather will never do that, and it will continue to look new even if you pass it down from one dog to another. Another benefit of these harnesses is that they are resistant to damage from daily wear and tear. It won’t make a difference if your dog is extremely active and loves to play outside or if they prefer to stay low key and hang out at home. Their new leather harness is much stronger and tougher, which means it won’t have to be replaced as quickly as others would. The final reason you should be considering a leather harness is that it is much more comfortable than other materials on the market. With other fabrics like nylon, owners have found that their dog’s neck becomes chafed and their skin has some kind of reaction or skin irritation. 

Despite the fact that a leather harness is a much more significant cost up front, the trust is it is worth every penny. Even though you can buy a harness made out of another material for half the price the truth is that within a few months you’re probably going to be back buying another one. That is why it’s critical and smart to invest in a more expensive harness that will last a longer amount of time. 

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Julius-K9 in the US is a subsidiary of two European companies who sell the famous top rated leather dog harness. Theirs was the first brand in the world to make funny interchangeable patches for their harnesses. If you’re looking for a “dog harness near me” to keep your dog safe on walks or for training, call or visit us today!