Our Medium Dog Harness is Perfect for These Medium Dog Breeds

Are you interested in purchasing our medium dog harness, but are not sure if your dog is the right breed for the size? If so, there is nothing to worry about because we are here today to make sure you know what dog breeds are perfect for this particular fit. Here at Julius-K9, our team is dedicated to offering the best harness for dogs. We can ship all across the United States.

What's The Breed?

While each person's opinion of a medium-sized dog may vary, the standard size of a medium breed dog is 18-22 inches at shoulder length, with a weight of 35-65 pounds.

The Best Breeds for a Medium Dog Harness

  • English Foxhound
    • The English Foxhound generally weighs between 50-70 pounds and stands at the height of 24 inches.┬á
  • Boxer
    • A typical Boxer weighs anywhere from 55-80 pounds and can stand up to 25 inches tall.
  • Whippet
    • Weighing between 20-40 pounds, Whippets are among the smaller of the medium dog breeds.
  • Australian Shepherd
    • This breed typically ranges from 35-60 pounds and stands 18-20 inches high.┬á
  • Golden Retriever
    • A standard Golden Retriever weighs in the 60-75 pound range and stands about 24 inches tall.┬á
  • Brittany
    • Brittany's weigh anywhere from 30 to 40 pounds and stand at about 20 inches shoulder length.
  • Labrador
    • Labrador Retrievers typically weigh around 55-80 pounds and stand between 20-25 inches high.┬á
  • Border Collie
    • The standard Border Collie weighs between 30-45 pounds and stands close to 20 inches high.
  • Standard Poodle┬á
    • Weighing an average of 60 pounds, this breed is much larger than it's miniature version, the toy poodle.
  • American Water Spaniel
    • Weighing around 25-40 pounds and standing 15-18 inches high, these are one of the smaller of the dog category.┬á

Who Are We?

Julius-K9 LLC. is the subsidiary of the two European companies, who own the deservedly famous brand: Julius-K9®, the first brand in the whole world who made funny interchangeable patches available for its harnesses. Julius-K9 LLC. is the U.S. Operational Headquarters, established at the end of 2014. Our objective is to make Julius-K9® products easily available to people who live in North America. Our products have been on the U.S. market since 2005, however, only a portion of people have enjoyed the high-end quality and the uniqueness of our products. The developers at Julius-K9® try to create the perfect harmony between the dog and their owner's work and relationship with the tiniest details. The development, the production, and testing of the products go far beyond the rigorous requirements of the European Union.

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