National Adopt a Senior Pet Month

November is National Adopt a Senior Pet Month, which is dedicated to older animals finding their forever home. Many people go to a shelter to adopt a puppy or a kitten and don’t even consider meeting older dogs and cats. The majority of senior dogs never find a home and wind up spending the remainder of their lives in a shelter kennel.

Why should you adopt a senior pet?

Senior animals are calm, relaxed, and ready for a loving family. They are no longer in the destruction puppy stage where they try to chew on everything like shoes and furniture. Most of them enjoy cuddling while watching a movie, relaxing playtime, or a walk on a clear day. So, if you have a relaxed lifestyle, they will make the perfect companion. 

Senior pets usually have basic obedience training, which means less potty training and more time for other fun tricks. Just because they are older dogs it doesn’t mean that they can’t learn new tricks, it just won’t happen overnight. You need to build trust, have a strong friendship, and patience. 

Adopters of senior animals get to enjoy the gratifying experience of providing a loving pet with a retirement home where they can live out their golden years.

If you are considering adopting a senior dog, you have to take into consideration that you will need to take them to the vet regularly. Even if an older pet appears to be in good health when you adopt them, they will be needing more medical visits and treatments as they age. Every dog should be taken to the vet on a regular basis regardless of their age, but regular check-ups are extremely important for older pets.

Ask your veterinarian for an age-appropriate diet because it plays a big role in keeping them healthy. They don’t have the same energy as when they were younger, they have a higher risk of developing obesity. A well-balanced diet and regular exercise will help maintain their overall health. Make sure to start slow and find the pace, which your dog is comfortable with.

It doesn’t matter what their age is, grooming, parasite protection, vaccination, and oral health is always extremely important. And give them lots of love and care!