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National Dog Month

National Dog Month


August is National Dog Month and it honors our dog companions who are by far the most popular pets on the planet. All dog lovers can agree that life without a dog is incomplete. There are many ways dogs bring joy and love into our lives and this month focuses on celebrating them.

Long walk

Take your dog on a long walk in nature where they can be at ease and connect with it. Walking in the forest reduces stress and improves mood for both of you. For extended walks, we recommend using our IDC®Longwalk Y-Harness so when you get away from the city, you’re not the only one to put on a convenient and healthy gear; you can give your dog the same comfort, too.


If you keep giving the same types of treats to your dog, then it is time to change it up! In the summer they could also enjoy a frozen treat, there are many easy recipes you can find that are dog friendly.


Just like us, dogs also like getting pampered or at least most dogs. They may not like being brushed or having their nails clipped but in the end, it will be better and will have them feeling fresh! Just make sure that you let them get used to it gradually, this way you let them have a positive experience while bathing or brushing.


Daily playtime is just as important as daily walks. You don’t need to play with them for hours, aim to play twice a day for 10-15 minutes when you get home from work or school and in the morning if you have time. If it’s hot outside schedule playtime in the morning or the late afternoon.

Doggy vacation

Usually, when families go on their summer vacation, they leave their furry companion at their friend’s house, hire a pet sitter, or leave them at a dog boarding service. This year plan a vacation where your dog can join the fun. It’s not easy to find accommodation where they allow pets, but now a days there have been many places where they allow dogs, which isn’t just a camping site, so make sure that you do lots of research.

Doggy playdate

Does your dog love to play with their dog friends? If they do, consider scheduling a meet-up with their friends and have a doggy playdate. It could be lots of fun for the dogs and you can also hang out with their owners!

Help a shelter

Many dogs don’t have a home with a loving family. If you can, donate to your local shelter or volunteer to walk the dogs or spend time with them. They also deserve love and affection, most of them have been abandoned or hurt so they may fear people. They need to be shown that there are humans who will care for them and keep them safe.