National Pet Month

National Pet Month is observed annually in May to honor the contributions that pets make to people's lives. It aims to promote the benefits of dog ownership and to appreciate your pet.

Owning a pet has several health benefits. Your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and triglyceride levels can be decreased by walking or playing regularly with your dog. Companionship from pets can help you cope with isolation, depression, as well as increase the opportunity to exercise and go outside.

Animals have a unique ability to make you feel loved and appreciated, so take time to show your pet how much they mean to you. Here are fun ways you can brighten their days this month:

  • Picnic

When the weather is calm, go to a dog-friendly park and have a picnic with your pooch! Bring toys, treats, and water for your furry friend. You can play fetch with him or invite his dog pals to chase each other and play, it will make your dog’s day special.   

  • Water games

Warm weather is here and so are water games. If your dog enjoys the water and loves to swim then you can play in the sprinklers with him, hose him down, or get him a kiddie pool to help cool off. 

  • A new toy!

Don’t you love it when they get excited they start jumping around and wag their tail uncontrollably while you are opening a package? Why not get them a new toy?! For example, our Duoplay ball, which provides great entertainment for both smaller and bigger dogs, is also tooth-friendly even with everyday use.

  • Visit their favorite place

Does your dog have a favorite place to walk? It could be the beach, a park, or a trail where they love to explore and play. Going on an adventure with your dog creates new and unforgettable memories along with strengthening the bond between you and your dog.

  • Doga (Dog Yoga)

Did you know that Doga is the practice of yoga as a form of exercise with dogs? In many cities, various yoga studios offer yoga classes where dogs can also attend but they don’t perform yoga poses, they fill the class with joy.