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New Year’s Resolution for Dog Owners

New Year’s Resolution for Dog Owners

"New year, new me” as most people say, gives you an opportunity to become better and accomplish goals that you didn’t last year. For 2022, don’t leave your dog out of the journey.


During the holidays, we usually gain a couple of pounds even our pets too, and the best way to keep both of you fit and active is by going on daily walks. Walking your dog helps to keep their muscles and joints healthy as well as boost their mood and energy levels. We understand that going on long walks in the winter can be uncomfortable for you and your pet, so go on shorter frequent walks instead.


Maybe last year there wasn’t enough time to play because it was a rough one. This year, make a daily routine that includes playtimes and walks. Dogs need physical exercise as well as mental exercise. Interactive activities like hide and seek, treasure (treat) hunt, puzzle toys, or teaching them a trick will give a significant amount of brain stimulation.


Not all dogs enjoy cuddling but if yours does, take time to cuddle and watch a movie together. According to studies, both you and your dog produce more oxytocin when you snuggle and connect with them. Oxytocin, sometimes known as the "love hormone," is a molecule that promotes feelings of happiness and love, strengthening your bond with your pet.


The top New Year’s resolution for people is to get in shape and eat healthier. It is just as important for dogs to be in good shape, so by consulting with a veterinarian your dog will have a balanced diet made just for their needs.

Dog sports

Dog sports are an amazing way to build a strong connection as well as exercising and stimulating their brain. If you haven’t tried any dog sports yet, then it is time because there are so much to choose from. Make sure to choose one that suits your dog and both of you enjoy.

 New adventures

Dogs are eager to go outside to experience new sights and smells. The most significant reason why traveling with a dog is so enjoyable is because they are adventurous. Make a list of the places you haven’t visited and want to visit, which your dog can also enjoy.