Personal Space: Why Dogs Need a Space of Their Own

Personal space: we all need it every once and a while. And as much as our furry friends love cuddling up to us, they need their space sometimes, too. This may sound a little odd because dogs are pack animals, and we’re their packmates. But these boundaries exist in human and canine worlds alike. Find out why dogs need a space of their own!

A Place To Calm Down

Whether your dog is stressed out or tuckered out after a day of play, they need a place to go. While you may lay in bed and relax in your room, your dog does the same in their kennel or dog bed. This is where your dog feels most comfortable and finds serenity. When things start getting loud at a dinner party, they may want to lay down in its room to decompress.

Pro Pet Tips

Dogs need a space to rest. As such, there are two vital things to remember about their room:

  1. Only the dog should use it.
  2. It isn’t a place of punishment.

Don’t banish your dog to their crate when they’ve misbehaved, or they may think of their bed as a naughty place. Similarly, if other pets use your dog’s bed, you risk upsetting them. Finally, it’s also worth noting that children shouldn’t play in the crate. Not only can this confuse your animal, but you also risk upsetting or startling them.

Easy for You

Knowing why dogs need a space of their own can help you be at peace. Simply put, knowing the reasons behind it can help you train them better. Some dogs beg to be paid attention to when it’s time for us to eat, and others jump all over houseguests because they can’t contain their excitement.

While you shouldn’t use your dog’s area as a punishment, you can train them to go there on command. Simply tell your dog “bedtime” when you need them to go to their area and lay down.

Tips To Creating a Space

Think about your dog’s personality before you make their perfect space. Some dogs are happy with a cushy bed in the corner of the family room, but others prefer something more secluded. If your pooch has independent tendencies, they may feel more comfortable with a bed in a private location like the laundry room.

Also, take comfort into account. Your dog’s bed shouldn’t be right next to a speaker or above a vent. And, of course, it should properly accommodate the size of your dog. A small kennel can leave a large dog feeling claustrophobic and panicked.

Sometimes, personal contact can leave a dog feeling overwhelmed. Even the most affectionate dogs don’t want their personal space constantly invaded.

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