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Picnic with Your Dog

Picnic with Your Dog

A picnic with your dog on a beautiful summer day is one of the best ways to spend time together. Inviting friends or family members with their dogs can brighten their day even more. They are social animals so being around other dogs and people on a regular basis can help boost a dog's ability to socialize.

Pick a dog-friendly location

Most parks allow dogs but it is best if you check before you head out. If you arrive at a location that does not accept dogs, you may be asked to leave, which can mess up your plans.

Find shade

Make sure to provide shade for your dog whether it is under a tree or a sun umbrella. It’s not safe for them to be in direct sunlight for a long time because they may overheat. If you know it’s going to be hot during the day, then try planning your trip for the morning or afternoon.

Pack lots of water and some treats

Keep your dog hydrated! Bring lots of fresh water that your dog can always access as well as tasty treats because your dog will probably want a bite of your food. Vegetables and fruits like carrots, watermelon, blueberries, and apples are great choices. 

Check the surrounding area

It’s important to check picnic tables for leftover food or trash that your dog may eat. He may end up at the vet if you are not careful, so it is your job to find a safe spot.

Take Photos

While you are having a fun time outside with your dog, take some pictures to remember this wonderful day. You can even do a little photoshoot! Put a bandana or your sunglasses on him to take cute summer photos, you can even ask a friend or family member to help take pictures.