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Police Dogs: A Day In The Life Of A Dog on Duty

Police Dogs: A Day In The Life Of A Dog on Duty

As the saying goes, “dogs are a man’s best friend.” Not only do dogs keep us company at home, but they also work to help make our lives better and safer. Service dogs are a key example, did you know about police dogs too? These pups work hard to help keep us safe in dangerous situations, and at https://usa.julius-k9.com/collections/harness, we understand the work they put in. We are a European company that specialists in dog equipment from simple leashes to the best no pull dog harness in the US. The dogs on duty trust us to supply them with quality harnesses, so we wanted to share a snapshot into their lives so that you can better understand what it’s like to be a police dog.

The Daily Schedule of a Police Dog

First of all, did you know that a police dog lives with their partner in a k-9 unit? The two live together 24 hours a day, so partners of a K-9 unit have a strong bond and connection. It’s not unlike a family in that way. For many K-9 units, a day begins by doing drug sweeps at schools. During training, a police dog is taught to associate their favorite toy with the scent of drugs like marijuana. When they patrol a school, the dog thinks they’re looking for this toy when they sniff around the students. On some days, they may need to attend court if a testimony is needed in regards to a suspect.

The actual patrol shift of the unit doesn’t actually start until 4 p.m. and lasts as long as midnight. Together, they travel in a car with plenty of room for the dog in the back and answer whatever kind of call comes around. This can vary from simple tasks like calling a tow truck or can be more intense like tracking a fleeing suspect. In cases like this where a person must be tracked, the police dog can use their powerful sense of smell and the culprit’s scent to follow them. The dog’s sense of smell is so strong, they can track if a person’s scent is flowing upwind or downwind, which can help the dog identify the current location of the suspect. Once the patrol shift has ended, the two go home together.

The Best No Pull Dog Harness Used By Police Dogs

As you’ve seen, police dogs have an eventful day, and it’s one company that the K-9 unit trusts when it comes to strong, effective dog harnesses. Julius-K9’s best no pull dog harness is a staple for K-9 units across the US, and if you know they rely on it, then you should too. When it comes to leashes, harnesses, and other equipment, your beloved pup deserves the best, just like the dogs on duty that keep the streets well-protected. Want to know more or hear more about our products? Contact us today to hear more about how Julius-K9 helps dogs on duty stay safe and in-control, and learn why your dog deserves the same quality too.