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Reasons Dogs Bite Their Nails and How To Stop It

You may notice your dog biting its nails from time to time. Some pups do this as a nervous habit, just like their human companion may, but that isn’t always the case. Dogs also bite their nails when they need trimming or due to allergies. Time to investigate the reasons dogs bite their nails and how to stop it.

Time To Get Groomed

As a dog’s nails grow, there can be some discomfort when they need a trim. When their nails get too long, they could pose a danger or grow through their paw due to their natural shape. Since long nails make daily activities harder for dogs—not to mention walking uncomfortable—keeping a grooming schedule is essential to preventing this habit. Most dogs need their nails trimmed every three to four weeks.

There’s Underlying Anxiety

Some dogs have anxiety, and nail-biting could be a sign of this. If you think this is the cause, pay attention to when your pooch bites its nails. A dog with separation anxiety may display destructive behaviors, so training a dog with separation anxiety is important. It’s best to talk with your vet about these behaviors, so you can create a plan of action.

Sometimes, dogs display traits of anxiety when they need to work their minds. Certain breeds require more exercise than others, and highly intelligent breeds need their minds regularly challenged for a happy life.


Food puzzles and treat-dispensing toys are great ways to keep your canine’s mind engaged! Or get your dog moving with plenty of long walks; you can buy k9 leashes from Julius K9, so your pooch is always on the move.

They Have Allergies

Some dogs have skin allergies, and others have seasonal allergies. Regardless of what your dog’s allergic to, this may lead to some paw or nail-biting. Some of the most common allergies that cause this discomfort are:

  • Grass allergies
  • Food allergies
  • Seasonal allergies

There are at-home remedies to each of these, like changing their food to see if it’s dietary. Pups with sensitive skin or grass allergies usually need special shampoo. Before taking preventive measures, consult your vet so you do what’s best for your furry friend.

There’s an Injury

Broken nails or paw-related injuries can be very painful, and some dogs lick at or bite their nails to ease the pain. Look at your dog’s paws and see if there’s swelling, redness, or other sensitivity in the area. If you notice this, or your dog yelps before you can examine their paws, this could mean there’s an injury, and you need to go to the vet as soon as possible.

Understanding the reasons dogs bite their nails and how to stop it is important as a pet owner and helps keep your dog comfortable. Allergies or an injury may require a trip to the vet. But if your dog bites its nails out of boredom, then it’s time to get engaged together. Julius K9 has the dog equipment you need, so go on an adventure or take up a new training class with your pup!