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Reasons Why Shelter Dogs Are the Best

Reasons Why Shelter Dogs Are the Best


Are you ready to welcome a fun-loving furry friend into your life? If you want to make the biggest difference possible in your life and your future pup’s life, consider adopting your dog. Here are the top reasons why shelter dogs are the best.

The shelter will have helped with medical costs

When a dog becomes a member of the shelter, they usually get vaccinated and neutered. If you were to welcome a new puppy you bought from a breeder to your home, you would have to pay for all of that on top of the price of the puppy.

You can choose from many breeds

Shelters are filled with a variety of breeds, sizes, ages, and personalities that you can choose from. You can find specific breeds and the greatest mixed-breeds—old or young and male or female.

You can get full details about their personalities

It’s important to make sure owners and dogs are properly matched, even if it was love at first sight. The employees and volunteers can provide useful information about the dog you would like to adopt, including their personality, whether they are good with children or other dogs, and more.

You help break the cycle of pet overpopulation

Sadly, there aren’t enough homes for all the animals that are born every year. Therefore, when you adopt from a shelter, you break the pet overpopulation cycle.

They will love you

A dog that has been adopted will show you how thankful they are that you rescued them. You will see the difference in their eyes and how free they feel when you first introduce them to your home. Even if you have to gain an adopted dog’s trust, the journey is absolutely worth it.

You will combat puppy mills

Puppy mills are inhumane dog breeding facilities that keep animals in cramped and filthy conditions and supplies to pet stores. They use puppies for profit and ignore the needs of the puppies and their mothers. The female dogs are bred over and over again until they are can no longer reproduce. Puppy mills breed dogs for quantity, not quality; therefore, genetic defects are very common. It is up to us to combat puppy mills. By opting for adoption, you can do just that.

You’ve saved a life

When you adopt from a shelter, you give an animal a second chance: a chance to have a loving family that takes care of them. Most of them had been abandoned by their owners or may have suffered from abuse. It takes time and patience for them to recover, but they deserve to heal.

Pets can help connect a family, and studies have shown that having a dog reduces depression and helps you relax, so your dog will help you just as much as you helped them.