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Scent Training: Teaching Your Dog To Follow A Scent Trail

Scent Training: Teaching Your Dog To Follow A Scent Trail

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Scent Training Tips

When it comes to training, there are no shortcuts. It's like potty training or any other training. Some dogs will learn faster than others, while some won't. There are ways to help your dog out, though. Watch your dog's body language and encourage him as he works out the trail and direction, but not too much because that could distract them. This is especially true for younger dogs. Encouraging words will help your dog recognize that you understand his effort. It great to have the top rated dog harness for this training so your dog doesn't stray. The most important tip is to make sure your dog stays somewhat low to the ground. If your dog isn't low to the ground while training, then the chance of him losing the trail rises because of the winds and other scents.

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