Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Dog’s Collar

Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Dog’s Collar

A dog collar is more than a mere accessory—it’s the very means that keeps their critical information on their body. Since collars have been around since ancient times, their comprehensive function and purpose have made them a staple for a reason. Millions of dogs across the country are lost or stolen each year, and one of the best prevention strategies is the tiny loop with an I.D. tag that sits around your dog’s neck.

Nevertheless, not all dog collars are alike. Certain collars may work better for one dog over another. Certain materials could also work better according to your furry friend’s preferences. Quality and durability are other factors to consider, as some collars wear out in a few months’ time and others can last for years. For your dog’s benefit, let’s take a closer look at the clear signs it’s time to replace your dog’s collar.

How It Looks: Wear and Tear

Investing in high-quality equipment and I.D. tags for your dog is always worth the money. You can’t put a price on your precious canine’s life. If your their collar looks worn from daily wear or its tags are difficult to read, then it’s time to replace them with newer, top-quality tags.

Another sign is if the collar smells funky after regular romps around the park. If it has a terrible stench, the best thing you can do is replace the collar for both of your sakes.

How It Fits: Too Loose or Too Tight

The wrong kind of fit is another of the top signs it’s time to replace your dog’s collar. Remember puppies don’t stay small forever, and neither do collars last forever; so keep a close eye on the fit. Time flies by and before you know it the collar is too tight, or too loose and falling off occasionally.

The collar your dog wears daily must fit snugly around their neck. Keep the two-finger rule in mind—if you can’t fit two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck, you need to replace the collar with one that’s a better fit.

How It Works: Doesn’t Meet Training Needs

Your dog is unique, one-of-a-kind companion compared to other canines out there. You can’t simply choose one collar and assume it’ll meet all your dog’s needs. Many canines will require accessories and gear that assist in their training during walks. Martingale collars are popular for this purpose, as well as a supplementary harness that prevents heavy tugging or pulling.

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