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Tactical Dog Harness & Gear For All Dogs

Tactical Dog Harness & Gear For All Dogs

No matter if you work closely with a patrol dog, depend on a caning companion, or are simply planning on taking your favorite pooch along on an outdoor journey, having the right tactical dog equipment can help to keep your furry friend safe and secure. Tactical harnesses, vests, collars, and leashes are designed to protect your K9 from dangers, help to control or maintain them, serve as a means for carrying gear and supplies, and even don important placards, all while withstanding extraordinary wear and tear. Read on to learn more about exploring all the various types, practical uses for, and features of tactical dog gear. Julius K-9 is a top provider of tactical dog gear in the U.S. Contact Julius K-9 today for your personalized dog harness needs!

What Is Tactical Dog Gear?

Basically, tactical dog gear is dog equipment that is designed for various types of professional and recreational tactical situations. This kind of dog gear is generally utilized by military, police, rescue, and service dogs due to its high quality and durability. The vests, harnesses, and collars are all made out of durable water-proof materials and feature reinforced handles and metal leash attachments that make it possible to restrain or even carry your dog. A lot of vests and harnesses also feature MOLLE (Module Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) webbing systems. These military-style nylon straps make it possible to strap on various pouches, accessories, and credential patches, and feature detachable accessories which ensure your ability to customize and lighten the load of your dog. Tactical dog gear typically comes in colors like Ranger Green, Coyote Brown, and black, as in most tactical professions it is crucial to blend in or stay concealed. For hunting and companion dogs, however, highly visible orange, yellow, and reds are common. 

Why A Tactical Dog Harness?

Tactical dog gear can easily be used for professional, recreational, and even training purposes. You can order a personalized dog harness to suit the needs of your dog. Tactical dog gear is typically constructed out of thick, waterproof materials like nylon and features such as metal v-rings, military-grade MOLLE, and reinforced handles. Tactical dog gear can last for many  years without showing any signs of wear or tear. Harnesses and vests are made out of a sheath of nylon fabric that is worn over a dog’s back, with adjustable straps extending over a dog’s chest and stomach to keep the fabric in place. Tactical collars look and feel like normal dog collars but provide extra protection with features such as sturdy construction and padded handles. Other parts of a tactical dog outfit include leashes and closures.

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Each and every hardworking, dependable dog should be just as protected and prepared as its owner on the job. Help your dog look good and perform the job by choosing a reliable tactical vest, collar, and leash from Julius K-9 No matter if you’re looking to dress your pooch for a part with a personalized dog harness or just need the most durable getup possible, tactical gear is specifically geared towards functionalized and durability. Call Julius K-9 for your tactical dog harness anywhere around the US today!