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The Best Indoor Exercises for Your Dog This Winter

For some dogs, a winter wonderland means complete bliss as they run through the snow, but for others, it means freezing paws! So as the snowy weather rolls in, jot down the best indoor exercises for your dog this winter. Remember that exercise doesn't have to get your heart pumping. Sometimes, it's about working the mind, too. Our lovable furballs need to get out excess energy, even when there's a blizzard outside.

Play a Game

Nothing beats a great game when you're trapped inside, and while fetch may be out of the question, tug of war isn't. This gets your pup moving while also stimulating your dog's mind, both of which are important. You can further mental stimulation by telling your dog to "drop it" throughout the game.

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Hide and seek is another great game to try out with your dog, as it engages their mind while also requiring them to run around the house. Start teaching them to play by hiding in the same area your dog is in and calling out to them. Of course, you'll have to hide when they're not paying attention. As your pooch gets the hang of things, make hiding spots more complex.

Learn New Tricks

Is there a better time to try out fun tricks with your canine? Look up fun tricks like playing dead, begging, or dancing, and start training your dog. It may seem strange, but all this focus will tire your dog out as much as a good run could.

Do a Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is another one of the best indoor exercises for your dog this winter. Hide treats for your dog throughout a room or the house and make your pup sniff out each one. If you live in a multi-story home, get your canine running up and down the stairs a few times, too. Running around the house ensures your dog gets in some necessary physical exercise while tracking treats engages their mind for a full-body workout!

Sign Up for a Class

When in doubt, sign up for a training class that allows you to engage with other pet owners. You could stick with the classics like agility training and obedience school or try something different like scent work. Joining a class is especially beneficial to anyone who doesn't have the room to let their dog run around the house.

Pro Pet Tip

Some breeds require more exercise than others; a simple game of tug of war followed by a scavenger hunt may not do the trick for all breeds. Instead, buy the appropriate canine equipment to keep your adorable pooch in line as you attend classes together. Julius K9 has everything a dog parent could need, from harnesses and leashes to heavy-duty personalized dog collars.

Tire your dog out this winter with the right mental and physical exercises. By doing both, you'll keep your dog happy throughout the snowy months when daily walks may not be possible. Keep winter exciting for your pup!