Things You Should Know Before Boarding Your Pet at a Kennel

Usually, people board their pet at a kennel when they are going on a trip where they can’t bring along their furry friend. Due to the pandemic, there won’t be so much traveling for a while, but when this is over and we are allowed to travel many people will take the opportunity to get out of the house. When that time comes it could be that you won’t be able to take your pet with you. Here are some things you should consider before boarding your pet at a kennel.

Look for recommendations and visit the facility

Asking someone who works with dogs if they know any that have a good reputation in your area can help you find a fitting place to leave your dog until you come back. You can also ask the staff if they can give you a tour of the place while they tell you a little bit about their facility.

Bring identification

Making sure that your dog is identified is extremely important. They should be microchipped with their information updated with a collar tag with your phone number and their name.

Make Sure Your Pet is Immunized

Ensure that your pet is up to date with their vaccinations and check with the kennel staff if your dog needs to get special vaccines that they require for example one against kennel cough.


Many times these facilities provide food, but it may not be the best if your dog is a picky eater. Ask the kennel manager what type of food they give the dogs and then you can decide if you want to bring food for your dog. If your pet is on a special diet or has food allergies you may want to make arrangements about their feeding schedule.

Pack the Essentials- Medication, a toy/something from home

If your pet takes any type of medication, don’t forget to leave clear instructions for the staff to follow. When people leave their dog at a kennel they usually leave their dog’s favorite toy or a blanket that reminds them of home.



Emergency instructions

It’s important to give the kennel emergency instructions if something were to happen to your dog so they can contact a family member, friend, or your veterinarian if they can’t reach you.

Don’t settle

Our pets are part of the family and we strive to provide the best care we can. So, if you know that your pet will not take this well, think about hiring a pet sitter or someone they are familiar with. It’s better for them if they are in an environment that they are familiar with because it makes it less stressful for them while you are gone.

If your dog has a hard time getting used to new places, if it’s possible, leave them there for a short time first before going on a long holiday. It is worth deciding what type of facility is right for your dog because in some places dogs are kept inside and in others outside.