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Dog 101: Proper Tick Prevention for Dogs

Dog 101: Proper Tick Prevention for Dogs

With summer growing closer and closer, that only means that tick season is right around the corner for most of the US. Whether you’re a new dog owner or a longtime dog owner, now’s the best time to start considering ways to promote tick prevention for dogs. Keep in mind; the more prone your dog is to ticks, the more prone you are to tickborne diseases. This means your whole family will be uncomfortable, and no one wants that! Do you and your little loved one a favor and start taking the necessary steps today. 

How Do I Check My Dog for Ticks?

When it comes to preventing ticks in dogs, the number one way to do so is by regularly checking them for any sign of ticks. You’ll also want to do this on yourself since they will eventually find a way onto your skin as well. 

This is very easy to do since it will only require you to scan your dog’s fur with your eyes and run your hands through to look for ticks. It might be a little more challenging to spot the ticks with darker hair, but it’s possible by being diligent and doing it regularly. 

As you search their fur, be alarmed of any bumps or lumps on their skin. There’s a good chance it’s an attached tick that needs to be taken care of. You should do this throughout their whole body, but the main areas to look at are the ears, eyes, collar, under the legs, between the back legs, and between the toes. 

What to Know About Tick Prevention for Dogs

When trying to prevent ticks in dogs, there are going to be several different proven methods that can give you and your little friend relief. We’ll take a look at some of the most common ways, as well as what good they can do for your pet. 

Let’s get started:

  • Chewables - when your pet takes a chewable or pill designed to prevent ticks, it will help transmit deadly chemicals to the tick when they latch on to your dog. There are several different chemicals used, such as Lufenuron, Spinosad, and Nitenpyram. 
  • Collars - some collars will come equipped with a device that releases a gas that repels ticks, so they stay far away from you and your pet. They’ll also release essential oils on the dog’s skin to keep it healthy. Whether you have the best no pull dog harness or a standard collar, you should always keep them clean to avoid ticks.
  • Topicals - another form of spot-on treatment for ticks, topicals are applied just like lotion. You’ll want to wear gloves when using it and make sure you wash your hands afterward.
  • Sprays - similar to the topicals, these will only require you to spray the infected area to kill and help prevent ticks from latching on to your dog. 

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With tick season growing nearer, it’s time to start taking the necessary precautions to ensure your dog is put in the best position this summer. You might need some new walking gear such as the best no pull dog harness for your pet, as well as some treatments, so you’re prepared. 

If you’re shopping for new toys and collars to promote tick prevention for dogs, contact Julius-K9 today. We ship our products throughout the US and are ready to answer any questions you might have.