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Tips for Adopting a Senior Dog

Everyone loves a puppy; they spend next to no time in the shelter waiting for their forever home—but senior dogs are another story. Many pet owners overlook them because of their age, but all dogs deserve love. You never know; that old, patient dog may be just what you need to complete your family!

Give Them Space

The first tip for adopting a senior dog is to give your canine some space. Your home is a new environment, and this change could be stressful and scary. Let your dog adjust to your home so they feel comfortable in it. While your pooch is a senior, there’s no rush—you’re going to bond.

Have Realistic Expectations

Some people adopt senior dogs because they don’t want the trouble of a puppy, but no dog is problem-free. Remember, while you don’t have to worry about teething and housetraining, some older pups need training, too.

Your pooch may have picked up some bad habits before meeting you, but you can teach an old dog new tricks. So, correct any naughty behavior. Some senior dogs have had difficult, stressful lives, so seeing your senior dog open up may require patience.

Tend To Them

Remember, some older dogs have mobility issues ranging from old injuries to arthritis. You may need to make a few accommodations in your house to ensure your furry friend can explore. For instance, if you plan on letting your canine onto the furniture, consider buying a doggy-step so you can cuddle with ease.

Additionally, ensure you have a comfortable collar and harness for plenty of walks. At Julius K9, you can buy an adjustable dog leash or choose from various high-quality collars and harnesses!

Why You Should Adopt a Senior Dog

Many people say that older pets love us more deeply than an excitable puppy because they know they were rescued. But, unlike a puppy bursting with life, the senior dog’s seen the world. Some senior pets once had a family but got abandoned.

Regardless of why an old dog ended up in the shelter, they’re deserving of a new life filled with love. Often, older dogs are:

  • Gentle
  • Relaxed
  • Easy to care for
  • Amazing furry friends

Some overlook the love an older dog has to offer because of age. Sometimes these dogs fear their time is running out, and they want nothing more than a family to make their life enjoyable.

If you’re planning on adopting a senior dog, keep your home prepared since you may need to make accommodations. Give your furry friend time to show you their personality as you start bonding. Buy a high-quality leash and harness from Julius K9 so you can go on countless walks together. The final tip for adopting a senior dog is to never forget to shower your dog with love every day; after all, you’re their world!