Tips for Introducing Dogs To New People

Introducing your dog to new people is a process—it can cause stress for your dog or the individual. Part of having a dog is introducing it to friends and family. Follow these tips for introducing dogs to new people, so the process is comfortable for everyone!

Separate Your Dog

When company first comes over, you should keep your dog in a room away from everyone. This allows your company to come inside and get comfortable without the dog jumping on them. Keeping your canine in a separate location also allows them to calm down.

Expert Pet Tip

Put your dog somewhere comfortable, such as a bedroom or in a gated-off area. They won't feel cramped, and they’ll get a chance to say hello to new friends. Remember, your dog's well-being is crucial to an excellent first impression. If the process is stressful, they may grow to fear company.

Listen To Your Dog

You know your dog better than anyone, so pay attention to their social cues. It may take time, and you or your company may need to offer a few treats and show patience. Keep in mind, if your dog shows signs of fear, you should remove them from the situation—however, when you do this, don’t give them treats or other rewards.

As tempting as it may be to shower your scared pup in affection and treats, doing so could cause repeat behavior. The goal of introducing your canine to new people is to socialize them. By rewarding fearful behaviors, your dog will continue displaying them.

Important Tips To Remember

Some dogs are shy, and others are excitable people-lovers. You can solidify a great experience with a couple of extra tips for introducing dogs to new people. For instance, consider:

  • Having treats on hand to give them
  • Ensuring a proper introduction between the dog and the new people
  • Using verbal cues to help them remain calm and still

A combination of each of these creates a wonderful experience. First, give your guest a treat or two to give to your pooch, and command your dog to sit. Next, make sure your guest respects your dog’s boundaries. Remind them not to pet your dog's head. Some dogs view a pat on the head as a threat, especially when it's coming from a stranger.

Allow your dog to sniff the guest's hand. Then, once your pup approves, whether it's a tail wag or belly rub request, give your guest the go-ahead to pet your dog. Before you know it, your pet will have yet another human friend to shower with love!

Having dog equipment you can rely on is always necessary. For example, you may need to grab your dog by the collar or harness to restrain them during an introduction. Julius K9 sells K9 collars, harnesses, and leashes for all dogs. Introduce your dog to friends and family safely and confidently!