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Tips for Training Your Guard Dog

Training a guard dog comes with many benefits. For example, some teach their dogs to protect them because they want to feel safe when they’re alone at night. Other times, parents train protection dogs because they have young children. Regardless of your reason, knowing how to train your guard dog properly is crucial. With these tips for training a guard dog, your canine will learn all the correct commands.

Make Sure Your Dog Is Suitable

Not every dog is suitable for watchdog training—some breeds are better at the job than others. Whether they can act as a guard dog will depend on their personality: some breeds are friendlier than others, and you want your guard dog to be suspicious of strangers. Ideally, guard dogs are calm, loyal, intelligent, and obedient.

Guard dogs should also be friendly to you but not overly trusting. They love their family and know that they must keep the pack safe.

Socialize Your Canine

A key tip for training a guard dog is to start socializing your dog right away. Introducing them to new situations during puppyhood boosts your canine’s confidence.

If you’re not sure how to start, take your dog on walks in public areas. This allows your dog to see different people and animals, as well as investigate new environments. Your dog needs to understand what is and is not a threat, so they can adequately protect you.

Start Socializing Early

Remember that socialization takes time. If your dog is nervous or showing signs of discomfort, remove your pup from the situation. You can always try another time. And, by removing your canine when they feel threatened, you remind them they can trust you—this strengthens the necessary bond for protection training.

Start With Basic Training

Before your dog can learn protection training, it needs to understand basic commands. Enroll your pup in obedience school and start with the basics. Once your dog knows you’re in charge, you can begin protection training.

Use the Right Command

Many experts advise training your dog to bark rather than respond to commands like “attack.” Rather than teaching your dog to react with aggression toward strangers, your canine should be alert. So, use “bark,” “speak,” or another trigger word to make your dog bark.

Use the Right Equipment

Training a guard dog requires specific equipment: for instance, when you begin training them to defend you, a trainer will act like a stranger. This individual will approach you and your dog in a dog attack suit to prevent injury. At your command, your dog will protect you.  

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