Walk Your Pet Month

January is walk your pet month! Walking your dog is a perfect way to get exercise and bond with him. Dogs require a lot of activity and the best way to keep them active in the winter is to take them for walks on a regular basis. 

New location 

Most of us have a daily routine, which includes morning and/ or afternoon walks. Instead of going on the same path in your neighborhood or near your house, check out a new location or go on a different route. Just like us, dogs can also get bored so it’s important to keep them cheerful, even on chilly walks. 

Change up the pace

Once in a while, get your dog's attention and pick up the pace for a short distance or however long he is comfortable with.  Make sure that you are not pushing your dog too far because then he will stop enjoying walks. 

Know their limit

A dog's level of fitness is determined by a variety of characteristics, including age, energy level, breed, health, and personality. Your veterinarian is the best person to ask about your pet's fitness level. If you would like to increase your dog’s fitness then do it little by little, increasing it to one hour or more when they are used to 15-minute walks can cause medical problems. 

Use treats

Rewarding your dog when he is behaving is a great way to keep him excited and to get him to pay attention to you. Bring along treats that are small and soft because those are easier for them to chew.