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Ways to Appreciate Your Pet this Week

Ways to Appreciate Your Pet this Week

Pet appreciation week is the first full week in June. To celebrate, you can show them how much you appreciate them in a variety of ways. We’ve put together some ideas on how you could show your love to your loyal friend since all pets are valued members of the family.

Have a play date with other dogs

Play dates provide socialization with other dogs and people, which allows your canine to become more comfortable with sharing toys and you giving attention to other dogs. Practicing a game of fetch will bring not only the other dogs but also you and your bud closer.

Take them on a walk

Taking them on a walk that is different from your routine will give them excitement and have them engaged in different situations. Both of you will have a fun time exploring something new, which is beneficial mentally and physically.

Buy them a new toy

Don't you love it when you can see the excitement in there eyes when they see you taking a new toy out of the bag and uncontrollably wagging their tail? One of the things I love most is seeing how happy they are. Gifting your pet with something new is a great way to celebrate them. So why not get them our new Duoplay ball that is ideal for dogs of all sizes?

Get them groomed

If you haven't taken your pet to get groomed maybe its time to get a summer trim. Since it's June and humid your dog would thank you for making it easier for them to take this heat. Some dogs hate taking baths and getting a cut but it’s the best for them, afterward they will feel more fresh and confident.

Volunteer at your local pet shelter

You don't have to have a pet to give or spread love. Animals without a family will surely appreciate love and attention. Take them on a walk, give the shelter donations if you can, or simply just hop in to give them a belly rub. It could be a fun activity with your friends and family.

Make sure you always show your pet you appreciate them. Even though they can’t put their love into words they do have other ways of telling you that you mean the world to them. Giving you licks (kisses), cuddling with you, wanting to play with you or even being there when you need comfort. Remember it's not about spending money on them, it’s about spending quality time with them.