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Ways to Celebrate Spring with Your Dog

Ways to Celebrate Spring with Your Dog


After a cold winter, a burst of cozy spring sunshine will not only make you but also your dog delighted. Here are ways you can enjoy spring with your dog!

Spring Photo Shoot

Doing a spring-themed photo shoot with your dog can be a fun activity. If you have a back yard go outside or just go to a park and take pictures while they are playing a having a good time. Use real flowers or buy fake ones for decoration and you can even put a cute outfit on your dog but remember if they aren’t comfortable, don’t force it.

Spring Cleaning

Many people love spring cleaning, they thoroughly clean the house and give or throw away things that they don’t need. Many dog owners have more pet supplies than what they actually use so this is the perfect opportunity to pick out the ones that aren’t needed and give them to a shelter (if the supplies are in good shape). While you are cleaning out your belongings and the garage, make sure to keep an eye on your furry friend. Dogs can’t read warning labels so keep them away from any fertilizers or cleaning agents.

Spring exercise

People and pets tend to put on extra weight during the holidays and isolation didn’t make it easier to lose any. It is important for your dog to get their daily exercise and playtime to keep them healthy and happy. Now that the weather is warmer you can take your dog out on longer walks! Many shelters host walks, so if you can, visit a local shelter and volunteer. You will make a pup’s day better!

Spring cookout

Don’t you just love a spring cookout with lots of food, music, and fun conversations? This spring spend it with close family members or friends to keep people safe. Your dog will be drooling from the amazing smells so don’t leave your dog out of the goodies, cook them something dog- friendly.

Spring is considered to be the time of rebirth and renewal so it is an excellent time for a fresh start. Be sure to enjoy this time by setting healthy habits for you and your dog and having lots of playtime.