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Working Dog Facts: Why Service Dogs Have Patches

Some dogs are born companions, while others live to help carry out daily tasks or complete specialized assignments. The life of a service dog is an interesting one, and you can train them to detect medical emergencies or guide individuals with visual impairments. Find out why service dogs have patches plus what other gear they may need.

The Life of a Service Dog

Working dogs come in many shapes and forms, and while some are service animals, others assist first responders. A lot of time goes into training these intelligent animals, and some dogs don’t make the cut. A pup must have excellent focus, react well to strangers, and feel comfortable in various situations to become a service dog.

Not every person meets the criteria for having a service dog, but if you do, it’s best to investigate some tips for adopting a service dog to keep the process easy for both of you.

Why Patches Are Important

Harness or vest patches keep your dog easily identified, and this is essential when your pup’s busy working. By having a patch that labels your dog as a working animal, other individuals know not to distract your canine or otherwise treat them like the common pet. Canine patches:

  • Keep a service dog identifiable: Clarify what type of service dog this is.
  • Communicate a message: Keep pertinent information on the harness.
  • Provide clear warnings: Add labels like “please don’t pet me.”

If the handler is non-verbal, then a label helps those around understand why a dog may be in otherwise off-limits locations. This also helps lessen the chances of people assuming your pooch is simply a pet rather than a hard worker.

Pro Pet Tip

Canine patches also keep the public aware of a potential situation if your pup begins barking or otherwise attracting attention—service dogs learn to do this when the handler needs human assistance.

Buying K9 Patches

Now that you know why service dogs have patches, it may be time to purchase one for your pup. At Julius K9, you’ll find various options for custom dog harness patches so that you can have one for your pooch! Have a patch that says, “working dog,” or get creative with your pup’s label.

Regardless of the type of job a canine works, proper identification is essential to the dog, handler, and other individuals in the area. Canine patches protect you and your dog to ensure the two of you carry out your daily tasks with one less distraction in your way!