3 Characteristics of a High-Quality Dog Harness

Having the right harness for your dog is the difference between both of you suffering through multiple walks versus enjoying each one. Finding a quality harness you can rely on for years to come takes a bit of research, so we’ve compiled the most important components for you here. Discover the top three characteristics of a high-quality dog harness below.


It may go without saying, but the material your dog’s harness is made out of deserves your foremost attention. A harness that’s made with soft, yet durable materials makes all the difference for both you and your pup. Using harnesses that are made with too much metal or plastic are both difficult to put on and can make excessive amounts of noise. Julius-K9 specializes in high-quality dog harnesses made with materials that include durable polyethylene, nylon, and polypropylene.


The design of the harness you place on your dog is crucial. An uncomfortable harness causes pain for your furry friend and makes it more difficult to keep your dog restrained, if need be. A quality dog harness will offer comfort and a wide range of mobility for your pup while giving you appropriate leverage and adjustability as an owner. We make dog harnesses with designs suitable for casual strolls near your home all the way up to professional training and fieldwork.


Since you’ll be using your dog’s harness for years to come, why not add a sense of their personality to something they’ll be frequently wearing? A good dog harness will feature the opportunity to customize its look and feel. Julius-K9 offers different types of harness patches to which you can add your dog’s name or a custom message!

We hope that this post on the three characteristics of a high-quality dog harness made it easier to identify an excellent dog-walking or training solution. Be sure to browse all of our harnesses here and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.